Prixe Fixe Menu $75.00

The tasting menu is chosen nightly by Chef Sukjam and can feature items not listed on the menu. If you notify us ahead of time that you are interested in the prixe fixe we have special seating available. Please call (773) 944-0575. Be sure to notify your server and reservationist about any dietary restrictions. 

6 - Courses

1 - hors d'oeuvre

3 - Appetizers

1 - Entree

1 - Dessert

Valentines Day Special Menu Available!

RSVP or call 773 944-0575

Dinner Menu

At Blu 57 we believe in using as many seasonal ingredients as possible. We plan on launching different menu's with every season. Be sure to subscribe to our email list for updates. 

dinner menu 2019.jpg
dinner menu 2019 (1).jpg
dinner menu 2019 (2).jpg